Siddi Repter

Termites are the most destructive insects and cause severe damage to crops, woody trees and woods. The technology is plant based repellent which is very effective for several months.

The product has shown repellent action and resistant from reinfestation by termites on the woody trees for more than four months. It is effective against all the kinds of woody trees.

Mode of Application:

Take 10 to 20 gm of SIDDI REPTER, mix in 1 litre of water to prepare a uniform solution. The prepared solution should be uniformly swabbed with brush on the trees where ever infestation by termites is present. The preparation can be swabbed from top to bottom till base of the tree till the height where the infestation is seen. (Note: Before application the termite mud galleries on the woody trees should be cleaned with the help of a brush or broom.)


The solution is recommended once in 4 months i.e. 3times in a year for effective protection. (NOTE:The product is recommended for woody trees as swab and never to be sprayed on tree or foliage)



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